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SharePoint More List Settings helps the Admin to Hide the List from End user and Rename the List URL in Browser mode

Steps :

1) Add the Solution and deploy that to the web application.

2) Then go the Site Actions > Site Settings page to any SharePoint site with in the Web Application.

3) Click "Manage Site Features" link under Site Actions Section.

4) Under Features page Activate the "More List Settings Feature" by click on Activate button.

Activate More List Settings Feature

5) Now we have two visible links,
               a) "More Settings" in List Settings Page, used to hide the list and rename the list

More Settings Link

                  After navigate to this link, the More Settings page contains the option for rename the List URL and Hide the List from Browser

Rename and Hidden List
b) Hidden Lists" in Site Settings page under Site Administration Section, this page displays all the hidden list. By clicking on List link, that link navigate us to More Settings page.

Hidden Lists Link


Pictures to be added soon and more advanced list configurations are yet to come by soon..... Fine tune :)

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